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More on Last Night's Game

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The trouble with doing recaps right after games is it is late at night, I've already spent way to long on the computer so I want to get it over with and for reason of drawing visits, the quicker it posts the better. But then some games are interesting and I'd like to talk about them more. Like last night. So, more on yesterday's game:

  • Our batting order: I really like Yunel Escobar at the top of the order. I know people like speed at the top of the order but having base stealers in front of Jose Bautista really isn't that important. Players steal second base to get into scoring position. With Jose, standing at the plate is scoring position. Getting on base in front of Jose is much more important that stealing in front of him. And since JP, Hill and Rivera all seem to be hitting much better now, I don't know why you would need to put Escobar in the 4 spot. But then batting order doesn't matter as much as we think it does and, you know, this batting order worked.
  • Course, then Davis tries to steal with Jose at the plate and gets thrown out. Sorry Rajai, if I was manager you would sit the next day. 
  • After a long argument about amphetamines and PED and cheating (if you want more on it, here is an interesting post on amphetamines at Beyond the Boxscore) Buck and Pat started talking about the stem cell treatment that Bartello Colon underwent this off-season. Where does that fit on the cheating scale? Actually, don't tell me. 
  • A lot was made of it being the first time a Jay cleanup hitter had bunted since Dave Winfield a millennium ago. I'm not a big fan of the bunt, but I didn't mind that one so much. We had runners on 1st and 2nd (with Jose just walked) and were having trouble scoring against Colon (or any pitcher for that matter). I wouldn't have done it, because I think the batter after an intentional walk gets some good pitches to hit, but since a run looked like it would be big, I don't mind playing for a run there. We play for a run, then we get 5 runs.
  • The one I really didn't get was intentionally walking Juan Rivera. I mean, Juan's been batting better lately but still, what's he hitting? .228? You walk a .228 hitter? Even if you think he's good, if he does get a hit that's only 2 runs. You are the Yankees, you have to think you can score a couple of runs against a spot starter. Walking him set up a big inning. Add in that I hate the idea of taking your pitcher's attention away from the strike zone. I understand it for Jose, but walking Rivera to load the bases doesn't work for me. And thankfully it didn't work for the Yankees.
  • Poor Jason Frasor doesn't give up a run for more than a month, then Yunel boots the double play ball that would have gotten him out of the inning and he gets charged for the run that scores on the play because 'you can't assume a double play'. Sorry, you could have assumed one there. 
  • John Farrell is never going to stop surprising me. Up by 5, with 2 on, but still against the Yankees, who have a pretty good defense, he brings in Luis Perez. I figured Perez wouldn't come into a game until there was a blow out. But ok, he comes in to face a lefty. And gives up a single. I was sure he would come out of the game, with right-hander Russell Martin. Two on, down by 4, I thought he'd want to go with match ups. But Perez got Martin and Posada out, so it worked out. 
  • Frank Francisco isn't inspiring much confidence. I mean, he just gave up the one single last night but that fly by Curtis Granderson just missed the foul pole. 
  • I know the best signing of Alex's off-season was Jose but is Carlos Villanueva the second best signing? How come he is so good as a Jay? He wasn't this good last year. Did we teach him a new pitch? Did our pitching coaches fix something? Or is it just a hot streak?