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OK, Repeat After Me: Frank Francisco Can't Be Used On Consecutive Days

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Blue Jays 4 Yankees 5

You know, l like John Farrell a lot, he seems like a smart guy, seems like he is willing to learn. I think it is time to learn this lesson: Frank Francisco can't pitch on consecutive days. Maybe it is because of missing time with the injury at the start of the season. Maybe he'll build up the endurance to do it, but so far this year, on the second of consecutive days, he hasn't been good. He hasn't been many so far this year, so maybe I'm over valuing a small sample size, but I don't think so. That's his 2nd loss and 2nd blown save on the 2nd of two days of work.

Anyway, after pitching last night, Frank comes into the game in the 9th with a 1 run lead. He gets a ground out, then gives up a double. Then another ground out. Then a single to tie the game and another single to lose he game. Being fair, the first single was just past a diving Juan Rivera at first base and the second one Juan got a glove on. The second one was close to being an error, it wasn't an easy play but I'd like the player to at least knock that down and keep it in front of him. If he kept it in front of him, the game wouldn't have ended there.

It wasn't a good night for the bullpen. Casey Janssen came in to start the 8th and gave up a lead off double before getting 2 outs. Marc Rzepczynski came in to face the lefty Cano and gave up a run scoring double and single before finishing the inning. 

It is too bad, Ricky Romero pitched his 3rd great start in a row. He went 7 innings, allowed 7 hits, 3 walks and 1 earned off a solo homer by Russell Martin. He is making it clear he is the ace of the staff.

The offense got 4 runs off CC Sabathia, which isn't so bad. Rivera and Rajai Davis had 2 hits each. Everyone else had one hit except for Jose Bautista, Aaron Hill and Johnny Mac who took 0 fors. Johnny did have a squeeze bunt, bringing home a run. With Mac going hitless, our third baseman hitless steak is still running. It is now 8 games since a Jay third baseman had a hit. 

Jay of the Day is Ricky Romero (.314 WPA). Suckage numbers go to Francisco (-.768), Bautista (-.120) and Scrabble (-.108). 

Tomorrow's a day game, 1:00 Eastern. Jo-Jo (0-3, 4.07) goes against the Yankees. Freddy Garcia (2-4, 3.12) gets the start for the Evil Empire. Come on guys, let's get Reyes a win.