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Poor Start for Jo-Jo Reyes: Jays Lose to Yankees.

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Blue Jays 3 Yankees 7

That wasn't fun in any way. Poor pitching, poor defense, poor hitting and poor base running. Add in poor commentary from Buck and Pat and you have the game.

Jo-Jo wasn't good, he earned the loss today, after a couple of starts in a row where he did pitch well enough to win. He went 3 innings, gave up 5 hits, 5 earned, 2 walks and 2 home runs. Earlier in the season he wasn't giving up home runs but lately not so much. It seemed like every thing Jo-Jo threw today was hit hard. He was lucky that Jose Bautista made a nice catch in RF on a line drive that looked like it would be a hit. The Jays doubled up the runner off 2nd, the famous 9-3-6 DP. 

Reyes has been good the last 2 or 3 games but today he wasn't. He wasn't hitting his spots and his fastball was up. That's my problem with Reyes, for him to be successful everything has to go right. He has to hit the bottom of the strike zone, he has to get the calls from the home plate umpire at the bottom of the zone and he has to continue to keep the ball in the park.

Course he also needs some good defense. He did get a couple of nice catches by Jose, but, other than that, it didn't happen. Aaron Hill dropped a pop fly. Jose Molina threw into center field on a steal attempt. Jose also has to start blocking pitches in the dirt. 

On of the several things that was driving me crazy today was that the Jays as a group don't seem to want to wear sunglasses. Juan Rivera started the game with them on his cap. Aaron Hill never put them on despite dropping the pop up. Nix finally put them on about the 6th. I don't understand. How is that not something that the players just do automatically when it is very bright out?

We didn't do much on offense either. Yunel started the game with a triple but we didn't score him and that set the tone of the game. We did get 10 hits but didn't string enough of them together to score much. Hill, Eric Thames and Rajai Davis each had two hits. Nice to see Eric continue to hit well. All the other starters had one hit each except our number 5 hitter, Jose Molina and Jayson Nix. We are now 8 straight games without a hit from our third basemen. Insert Brett Lawrie line here. 

Base running? Down by 5 with 1 out in the 4th Jose Bautista got thrown out stealing. Then in the 7th, Davis was on third and got too far off the bag on a Yunel ground ball to the third baseman, to get himself put out. 

Jay of the Day? We don't have one. The top number goes to Yunel with a .017 WPA. Only Reyes gets to Suckage numbers at -.248. Basically everyone was bad. 

Jo-Jo tied a major league record for consecutive starts without a win at 28. Loses are a team stat though, with any luck he'd have at least a couple of wins this year. I hope he can pitch us a better game next time. Rob Neyer has a story about Jo-Jo's winless streak on the SB main page.

The idea of Molina batting 5th was definitely a different one. Just because a guy is 8 for 20 against a pitcher doesn't mean, well, anything really. He was 0 for 3 with a walk and 2 strikeouts. 

Tomorrow the Jays start a series at home against the White Sox. Brandon Morrow (2-2, 5.06, doesn't it seem that he has pitched better than that this year) vs Phil Humber (3-3, 3.10).