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Poll Time: Jose Reyes

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John Lott, on Twitter, pointed out this story in the NY Times, that suggests that the Jays could go after Mets shortstop Jose Reyes if he hits the free agent market after this season.

Mets owner Fred Wilpon, in an interview that showed that he is off his meds, said that Reyes will be looking for a Carl Crawford like contract. I don't think he'll get anything like that. His numbers are good, especially considering he is a shortstop, but not all-world good and he has had his share of injuries over the past few seasons.

The story also says that Alex inquired about Reyes this spring (Alex asks about about every player out there) and that he 'values athletic players', unlike other GMs who would prefer non-athletic players. It also says that Yunel Escobar could be moved to another position, like third base, if Reyes was signed. Now I don't see Yunel moving to third, because I think that spot is reserved for Brett Lawrie, but I could see them letting Aaron Hill walk, saving a few dollars there and to let them move Escobar to second. Reyes and Escobar in the middle of the infield would give you the start of a pretty great defense.

Still I don't see it, we have Adeiny Hechavarria coming up and Reyes, even if he won't get a Crawford like contract, will be asking a lot of money. I tend to think he is overvalued. But figured we could have a poll.