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That was depressing: Jays lose to White Sox

White Sox 3 Blue Jays 1

I don't think ever seen a 9th that was that awful to watch. It starts off with John McDonald throwing away a roller by Alex Rios. Mac rushed the throw and I don't think he had to. Errors happen, but that was a bad one, Rios to second. Scrabble gets A.J. Pierzynski to strikeout. Then Omar Vizquel strikes out, but  J.P. didn't block on of the pitches and we have a runner on third. Gordon Beckham gets hit by a pitch. It seemed lucky at the time, because JP couldn't have blocked that pitch. Beckham stole second 

Then Juan Pierre grounds one down the first base line. Juan Rivera got it, but he was too far behind first to beat Pierre to the bag and Marc, being a lefty who leans to the 3rd base side of the mound after throwing, couldn't beat Pierre to first. Pierre is quick, I don't know if any lefty could have beat him to the bag. Rivera threw it to Scrabble anyway, a mistake, the ball bounced away and both runners scored. And that was the game.

It was too bad, Brandon Morrow pitched his best game of the season. 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks and 5 strikeouts. He had a bit of trouble in the first, walking one and hitting another, but didn't allow a run. Then in the 5th he gave up his first hit of the game, plus two more singles to score the only run against him. One of he singles was on a hit and run, the ball went to the spot Escobar left to cover second. Other than that, Brandon pitched a great game. 

Unfortunately Philip Humber pitched a great game too, or he feasted on our bad bats. Likely some of both. He went 7.2 with 6 hits, 1 walk and 3 k. The only run was scored on Yunel's solo homer. He didn't get a win either, Jesse Crain got one out and the win. Sergio Santos pitched the 9th for the save.

Jays of the Day are Morrow (.287 WPA) and Escobar (.105). Suckage numbers go to Scrabble (-.333, but the errors cost him), Davis (-.165), RIvera (-.104) and Arencibia (-.102). 

As well as the 9th inning error, Mac was 0 for 3 today, keeping our 3B hitless streak going. 10 games since a hit from a third baseman. Don't even tell us what Brett Lawrie did in Vegas today, it will just make us sad. 

Corey Patterson still hasn't received the memo saying not to steal in front of Bautista. He had 2 hits today. In the 8th he singled and stole 2nd while Jose was ahead in the count. After he stole Jose was walked intentionally. Don't steal with Jose at the plate! He also tried to steal in the 4th (after Jose flied out) and was called out, replays showed he was safe. As the game turned out that was a big play, Rivera singled after and JP walked. If he had been called safe he might have scored on Juan's single. Course, we don't know that the inning would have played out the same way. 

It wasn't a fun game and it doesn't get easier tomorrow, Mark Buehrle (4-3, 3.92) gets to pitch to us. We have been better against lefties this year. Kyle Drabek (3-3, 4.34) gets the start for us.