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Jesse Carlson has Season Ending Surgery/Dustin McGowan to Start Rehab in June

Jesse Carlson had surgery on his rotator cuff Tuesday and is done for the year. Apparently the surgery was suppose to be exploratory but they found a tear and figured the might as well fix it. Jesse has been hurting for the last three months so it is good they found the cause. Jesse is a favorite of mine so I hope all goes well for him.

Also, Dustin McGowan will start pitching in Minor League games before the middle of June. I'm sure we are all trilled to hear that. He can rehab for 30 days before the Jays have to decide what to do with him. After 30 day he has to either go on the Jays active roster or be exposed to waivers if the team wants to send him to minors, since he is out of options. Of course, if he doesn't look good in rehab, I don't think any other team would want to grab him off waivers because they wouldn't be able to send him to the minors either. 

So good news for McGowan, bad news for Carlson.