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Bluebird Links - Jose Bautista, Bad Stats, and Good Stats

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For a discussion point that I didn't touch on in any of the links, what do you guys think will happen with Dustin McGowan?  Will he pitch well enough that the Jays call him up in 30 days?  Or will someone claim him on waivers if the Jays try to push him through?  I imagine that since the Jays have shown enough confidence in McGowan to sign him again this year, that if he shows even the slightest ability to pitch and stay healthy again, that he'll be on this team in a month.  Thoughts?

Jays Links

Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista should not face questions about steroid use

Ken Rosenthal comes to Bautista's defense, in an article about journalistic standards.

If Bautista tests positive, it's a story. If Bautista is linked to PEDs through a government investigation, it's a story. But if Bautista keeps hitting home runs without a hint of wrongdoing, it's a baseball story, nothing more.

Bautista denied chance to be the hero

The Globe has a recap of last nights game. Here is Farrell's reasoning behind the Patterson steal:

He noted – correctly – that Bautista was 0-for-4 with four strikeouts in his previous head-to-head encounters with Crain. "He [Crain] got behind in the count, 2 and 1, it was clearly a running situation, that we felt we could take the base easily," Farrell said. "Even if Corey’s at first base on a 3-1 count, they’re not going to pitch to him [Bautista]. They’re going to see if he’ll chase a breaking ball off the plate."

Really John, he's 0-4 against a pitcher and that's what you're basing your decision on?  Zero hits in four freakin at bats. Big deal - can you please stop basing your decisions on minutely small sample sizes?  This is a concerning trend.

Defense Matters Question Mark

Drew at Ghostrunner takes a look at the Jays defense so far.

Jo-Jo’s Circus

Joe Posnanski with a blog about bad statistics, using Jo-Jo's "winless" streak as an example.

An Interview with Lansing Lugnuts Manager Mike Redmond

A good interview of first-time coach and ex-player, Mike Redmond.


The rest are after the jump.

Around the League

Posey at the plate

I'm not going to link any other articles about this, but Tom Tango touches on the Posey play from yesterday. Aside from Tango's conclusions, check out the screen shot at the top of the article. Is that really necessary in baseball? Posey is at least a foot off of the plate. Is it really worth keeping this "test of manhood" in the game of baseball.

xkcd: Sports

xkcd touches on sports commentary.

"Some Schmuck in New York": Wilpon’s Woeful Week

New York Mets owner, Jeffrey Wilpon has had an interesting week. From admitting that the Mets could lose up to $70M this year, to calling out his teams best players.

Some Thoughts on In-Play Average

Drew Fairservice at Getting Blanked attempts to explain BABIP and why it's useful.

Low-Power DHing: The Very Idea

Matt Klassen touches on what a player has to do to be a successful DH, without hitting for power.

Time to Move on from Daisuke Matsuzaka?

Eno Sarris wonders if it's time to cut ties with the ageing pitcher, or do the Red Sox actually have better options?

Fan who fell in Coors Field stairwell dies

This is a sad. I'm kind of surprised nothing like this has ever happened in the upper deck of the SkyDome. Considering the fights, drinking and general debauchery up there, and how steep the stairs are. 

Ticats let fans choose opening play

Not baseball related at all, but what the heck? What's next - Jays let fans choose Ricky Romero's opening day pitches?