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Sunday Bantering: Bautista and Links

So, the limited intelligence of Hawk Harrelson has come up with the idea that Jose Bautista is corking his bat. I figure there Hawk has put cork up where his brain ought to be. This line was in John Lott's National Post story:

In a seemingly unrelated event, Harrelson made a visit to the Toronto clubhouse after the game, and, wearing a big grin, headed straight to Bautista's locker. The two chatted amiably for a few minutes. Apparently, the content of Bautista's bat did not come up.

There is something I don't understand, how do you accuse someone of cheating then go share a laugh with him? 

I think the same about his as I think about the PED accusations. If Harrelson has some evidence, show us. If he doesn't he should shut up. Making mindless accusations is the job of us bloggers, I thought. 

Lott's story also talks about the moment between Jose and John Danks. I can understand Danks being pissed off. He has been having a lousy season and was getting beat again. I'm sure I wouldn't be in the best mood either. Jose? Well, players get upset when they miss a pitch they think they should have hit. It is an instant thing, they don't take a moment to consider the score before showing their displeasure. I don't think he was showing up the pitcher. He is pretty intense. 

Speaking of Jose, Keith Olberman wrote about him and the Jeff Manto, the Pirates batting coach back when Bautista was there. I like this part:

He pointed at the guy in the batting cage. "If we can get him to replicate his swing three days in a row, Jose Bautista could hit 25 homers a year. In fact, I think he could hit 40. He is just so easily frustrated when it doesn't go right that he blames himself and forgets what he's learned. Or ignores it. But of all these guys I have, if you want one of them who will eventually do something special in this game, I'd pick him. I wouldn't be very surprised."

Rob Neyer discusses that each of the American League Contenders need. For the Jays: 

Are the Blue Jays really contenders? Hey, Jose Bautista is almost a contender unto himself. Toss in Adam Lind and the presumption that Jo-Jo Reyes can't lose every game, and we probably shouldn't discount the Jays' chances quite yet. They need some help, though. They're getting practically nothing from their second basemen (mostly Aaron Hill) or their third basemen (mostly Juan Encarnacion and lately Jayson Nix), and when Corey Patterson's one of your best hitters you know something has gone amiss.

Added Link:

Just saw this on Beyond the Boxscore: Traditional Manager Index. It just adds sac bunts by position players and Intentional walks, but those are two moves that are thought to be used by traditional managers. John Farrell is near the bottom, he has a few bunts but only 4 intentional walks, which I like, I dislike IBBs. Of course, he doesn't have to face Jose Bautista.