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Jo-Jo Reyes Wins!!!

Indians 1 Blue Jays 11

You have to feel good for Jo-Jo Reyes. He had such a big smile after that last out. His first major league win since June 13, 2008. That was a nice way to win it too, a complete game. He allow just 1 run, 8 hits, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts and that massive home run that Shelly Duncan hit into the 5th deck. It is a good thing that, no matter how far the ball goes, it only counts as one run. Jo-Jo was helped out by some good defense. They turned 3 double plays behind him and there were some nice catches in the outfield. 

Course, if the Jays had scored 11 runs for him in some of the other games, he would have had the win earlier. This team, whose offense had been missing in action for most of the month, has scored 33 runs in the last 3 games. Today, 13 hits. 3 for Rajai Davis. 2 each for Yunel Escobar, Jose Bautista, J.P. Arencibia, Eric Thames and Jayson Nix. Nix hit his 3rd home run of the year. Nice to see him getting some hits. Our other 3 starters, Aaron Hill, Juan Rivera and Corey Patterson, had 0 fors. But Patterson had 2 RBIs even without a hit.

Jays of the Day are Davis (.163 WPA), Reyes (.125, of course he's getting a JoD) and Nix (.116). No one has suckage numbers. 

That gives us 4 wins in a row and a 28-26 record, putting us 2 games out of first place. If we keep this close over the next couple of months, do you think we are buyers at the trade deadline? 

Tomorrow's starters are Brandon Morrow (2-2, 4.38) for the good guys and Mitch Talbot (1-1, 5.87) for the Native Americans.