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Come And Look at Both of Our Buildings: 5/31, Cleveland at Jays

Hi everyone. Today's title comes from these two amazing "hastily made tourism videos" about the City of Cleveland, a city I have come to know all too well over the years (I had a case there). If you have not seen these very short Cleveland "Tourism" Videos, you really need to. Lucky me to be filling in for Johnny on a Cleveland game.

The suddenly hot Jays take on the First Nations Native Americans today at the Rogers Centre. Mitch Talbot pitches today for Cleveland, while Brandon Morrow goes for Toronto. Morrow had a sputtering start to the season due to injuries, but he's still having a very good season. His 4.38 ERA doesn't reflect his true contributions at all - but take a look at his 3.17 xFIP and 3.03 tRA supported by fantastic strikeout (11.08 K/9) numbers and a walk rate he's managed to keep under 4 per 9. His swinging strike rate is almost 50% better than league average, so it's seemingly only a matter of time until his overall numbers start reflecting his great pitching.


Cleveland: Brantley, dh / Cabrera, ss / Choo, rf / , Buck, lf / Santana, c / Sizemore, cf / Cabrera, 2b / LaPorta, 1b / Hannahan, 3b

Toronto: Escobar, ss / Patterson, lf / Bautista, rf / Rivera, rf / Arencibia, c / Hill, 2b / Thames, dh / Davis, cf / Nix, 3b

Let's go Blue Jays!