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Bluebird Links - I hate Tampa Bay

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Umm, what do they do to celebrate in Tampa?  Ohhhh, that's pudding!
Umm, what do they do to celebrate in Tampa? Ohhhh, that's pudding!

Am I the only one that hates Tampa Bay?*  This team can't do anything wrong right now.  They lose one of their best hitters to free agency, and then lose another one to the DL for a month and they don't miss a stride.  Who picks up the slack?  Career minor league fringe player Sam Fuld becomes super human and has a month no one could have predicted and Ben Zobrist knocks in 25 RBI in April thanks to a 10 RBI day last week.  Ugh.

So, with yesterday's walk-off win, Tampa officially leads the life-time series against the Jays with 113 wins and 112 loses.  I suspect most of the current Blue Jays share my feelings for Tampa since they have only 8 wins and 26 losses in the tomb they call a baseball stadium (Tropicana Field) since April, 2007.  Ugh.

On an interesting note, if anyone is wondering why the Rays are playing their weekday games at 6:40, instead of the usual start times, it's because of the children.  Once school is out and the kiddies can stay up past 8:30, the Rays will be going back to playing games at 7:00. 

*Note, Tampa Bay is actually quite a nice city with their palm trees and water and sand and what not.

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Jays Links

Hill aims to rejoin Blue Jays on Monday
Good news. It would be great to see this team play a game with nobody injured.

Hitting coach can easily relate to 51s' most touted prospects
Interesting piece on the 51's hitting coach, Chad Mottola who was a 1st round round pick (one spot ahead of some guy named Jeter) by the Reds in 1992.

American League monthly honors go to Jered Weaver, Jose Bautista
Shocking news here. Weaver by the way, went 6-0 and had a chance to become the first pitcher to win 7 games before May 1 since 1891. That Bautista guy has been pretty good too.

Reyes' Win Will Wait
Ian at The Bluejay Hunter thinks Reyes bought himself a few more starts.

For the time being, I say let Jo-Jo Reyes pitch for his life, but the moment the Blue Jays want to bring someone in from the minors to supplant him, it's time to either cut the cord or move Reyes to the bullpen.

What do you think?  Question of the day - how many additional starts did yesterday's game buy JoJo?

There He Gose
Jay Floyd at Phoul Ballz (a Phillies blog) has a good piece on Anthony Gose's move to the Jays organization and his relationship with Travis D'Arnaud and new coach, Sal Fasano.

New 1BJW Fisher Cats Exclusives
Another one from Jay Floyd on 1Blue Jays Way. Video footage of BJ LaMura and Joel Carreno warming up prior to their AA New Hamshire starts, and an exclusive interview with Sal Fasano.

Farrell’sJay plan takes shape one month in
Richard Griffin writes about how Farrell's adjustment to coaching the Jays is going.

Around the League

Twins lefty Francisco Liriano pitches no-hitter
Francisco Liriano pitched perhaps the 'luckiest' no-hitter you'll ever see last night. 6BB's and 2K's...seems like he got away with having average stuff. Especially considering White Sox starter, Edwin Jackson actually had a lower FIP. Lucky guy.

How "Scientific Baseball" Has Changed the Game
Larry Granillo summarizes a 100 year old article in the New York Times. I love these old articles that really give you an idea of the evolution from baseball in the 19th century to baseball as we know it now.

Scientific baseball of to-day — "inside ball" they call it —consists in making the opposing team think you are going to make a play one way, then shift suddenly and do it another. The modern game has developed quick thinkers and resourceful players such as the pioneers of the game never dreamed of. There are few of what were known as "good all-around" players nowadays. The inside game has developed teams made up of baseball specialists. They excel in one position, are trained with that object in view, and are never called on to play in any other position.

The original 1911 article is here.  Sunday Magazine is posting a 100 year old article every (you guessed it), Sunday.

Vladimir Guerrero Is No Mariano Duncan
Vladimir Guerrero hasn't drawn a walk this season. Not once in 113 plate appearances. Dave Cameron at FanGraphs compares him do Mariano Duncan's incredible 314 PA's without a walk. That's crazy.

Fewer fans being taken out to the ballgame

Overall, baseball attendance is 1.3 per cent lower than at the same period last season, according to, and 20 of the sport’s 30 teams have drawn fewer fans. Despite being first in the AL Central, the Indians are one of the teams struggling to draw fans.

Anyone know how the Jays are doing so far? I know opening weekend was a success but beyond that?

All Hail Fat Ichiro
There's a new singles master in MLB. Oh wait, we know this guy. Turns out he's probably not going to keep this up for too long (I'm pretty sure that's safe to say).

Over the last two weeks, Wallace picked up a smooth 21 hits on THIRTY BALLS PUT INTO PLAY. That is a .700 BABIP, and that is crazy.

Forecasting the Dominance of Kimbrel, Venters
Marc Hulet at FanGraphs compares the young Atlanta Braves duo to Duane Ward and Tom Henke.