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Ricky Romero Scratched From Thursday's Start With Oblique Strain

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I mentioned this in the game recap from today's game but felt it was worth it's own post. Ricky Romero's next start will be pushed back two days (hopefully) because of an oblique strain suffered when he saved his life by catching Mark Teixeira's line drive at his head his last start in New York. It isn't thought to be serious, but then we've heard that story before. John Farrell said that pushing him back is just a precaution.

Kyle Drabek and Jesse Litsch will each be moved up a day with Kyle starting Thursday and Jesse Friday. Since last Monday was an off-day, they will both now be starting on normal rest.

It seems like another in our little rash of minor injuries, but then Romero's injury would have been much much worse had he not been able to make that catch. That was one scary play. I'd need an extra couple of days off, just to get my pulse rate back to normal, if I were Ricky. Of course, if Ricky had my reflexes, he would have been killed by that ball.