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I was just trying to make the right mistake: Cinco de Mayo Game Thread, Jays @ Rays

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Happy Cinco de Mayo. To celebrate the day the Jays and Rays are having an afternoon game under a beautiful Florida sky inside a warehouse.

As you all know by now, Ricky Romero is being held back a couple of days due to an oblique strain. So we get to watch Kyle Drabek. Kyle is still on normal rest, as the team had an off day last Monday. Jesse Litsch will pitch tomorrow and, if all goes well, Ricky will pitch Saturday.

Jose Bautista is sitting out again today, he is to be back on the weekend, as is Aaron Hill. It would be nice to have everyone back and healthy, he says looking for wood to knock on.

Other changes in the lineup today: Adam Lind gets to DH for the first time this season, Edwin Encarnacion moves across the diamond to first and Mike McCoy will play third. Also J.P. Arencibia is catching Kyle Drabek for the first time this season. Jose Molina caught last night, so resting him on the day game after night game and since Drabek and Arencibia should be together on the team for the next several seasons, they ought to get used to each other.

David Price pitches for the Rays. Price is 7-0 with a 2.30 ERA lifetime against the Jays. Maybe we are due.

Today's lineups:

Jays: Davis RF, Patterson CF, Escobar SS, Lind DH, Rivera LF, Arencibia C, Encarnacion 1B, McCoy 3B, McDonald 2B

Rays: Fuld LF, Zobrist 2B, Damon DH, Longoria 3B, Joyce RF, Upton CF, Kotchman 1B, Rodriguez SS, Jaso C

The thread title comes from a song on Robbie Robertson's new CD "How to Become Clairoyant", I haven't listened to Robertson for years, those old enough remember he was with The Band, but this CD is great. . I figured, with the fun the umpires had last night, that it worked well. The umpires seemed particularly grumpy yesterday too, hope they had a good night's sleep.

As always, be civil and GO JAYS.