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One Poor Inning for Kyle Drabek, Jays Lose to Rays.

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Blue Jays 1 Rays 3

A good start by Kyle Drabek, ruined by a bad inning. It started off with a slow rolling double down the third base line that Mike McCoy almost had/should have had. A hard hit double, a walk, an infield single (again that McCoy almost made a play on), a walk and a sac fly gave the Rays the only runs they got or would need. All told Drabek went 5.2 with 6 hits, 4 walks and 3 k. 

Casey Janssen and Octavio Dotel pitched the last 2.1 scoreless innings. 

David Price pitched a great game, helped out by a rather anemic offense. He went 8.2, giving up 4 hits, no walks with 10 strikeouts. He wasn't happy when he was pulled but at 118 pitches it was likely a good move.  Kyle Farnsworth came in to get the last out and brought the tying run to the plate before getting the save. We had a chance for a moment there with Adam Lind up. 

Our offense was nonexistent. 5 hits, 1 each for Escobar, Lind (10 game hitting streak), Rivera (thrown out trying to stretch it to a double, just barely over-sliding the bag), McCoy and McDonald. All singles.  Everyone else was 0 for.

No Jay of the Day. Drabek (-.147) and Davis (-.119) got suckage numbers. 

We end the 10 game road trip 5-5, not too bad really considering we played the Rangers, Yankees and Rays and we were missing Bautista for the last 3 games.

Tomorrow the Jays are back home to host the Tigers. I'm hoping that Bautista and Hill will be back on the weekend.