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Confidence in the Blue Jay's Pitching Prospects.

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Yes, another in the Gillette Confidence series. If all you guys (and girls) would just go out and buy a damn razor we could be done with all this.

Baseball Prospectus said 'There's no such thing as a pitching prospect' so often they started using TNSTAAPP for short. The idea isn't so much that there isn't pitching prospects, it is more like there are unpredictable that you can't really say for sure which ones will actually become stars in the majors. So much can happen to them as they climb up through minors. 

Even with considering all that, the Jays have enough prospects that some of them will turn out good. Here are some I have confidence in:

  • Zach Stewart: Zach pretty much kept right up with Kyle Drabek in New Hampshire last year. The only reason he is a bit behind is that the Jays are trying to build up his innings slowly. But he should get 170 to 180 innings this year, then next year he would be able to pitch a full season in the majors. So far this year he has a 2.64 ERA in 5 starts. He has 17 strikeouts, 9 walks and 26 hits allowed in 30.2 Double-A innings. 
  • Deck McGuire: Our number 1 draft pick last year, throws 4 pitches, has a fastball that can hit 94. He has a 3.65 ERA in 24.2 innings at Dunedin, with 19 K and 8 walk in 24 innings.
  • Aaron Sanchez: The number 34 pick of the 2010 draft, he already throws a mid 90's fastball. He struck out 37 in 25 innings in his first look at pro ball last year. He'll be with one of our short season teams again this year. He's just 18 so, he is a long way from the majors. Lots can happen between then and now but you have to like him.
  • Asher Wojciechowski: 22, pitching his first full pro year. He has a 3.28 ERA in 24.3 Dunedin innings, with 16 k and 10 walks. Yet another first round pick for last year, he might have the best fastball of the bunch. He's a big guy at 6'4" and 230 lbs. 
  • Chad Jenkins: Our first round pick in 2009. He is 0-4 but with a 2.60 ERA, 9 walks, 21 k in 27.2 innings at Dunedin. Another guy that can throw in the mid 90s and gets lot of ground balls. 
  • Noah Syndergaard: Another first round pick from last year. Another big guy that throws hard. He's just 18, so will be with one of the short season teams, this year, likely Vancouver. 
  • Adonis Cardona: One of our international free agent signings from last year. He's just 17, but can already get his fastball up above 90 mph. 
  • Nestor Molina: An international free agent signing from a few years back, finally made it to full season ball last year. This year at Dunedin he has a 1.69 ERA in 26.2 innings, just 3 walks and 26 strikeouts. He is 22 now, so would like to see him move up a couple levels. He hasn't walked many in his minor league career, just 1.6/9. He is still a couple of years away but I'd like to think he would be able to make the bullpen at least. 
  • Drew HutchisonAnother from last year's draft, has a 2.67 ERA in 27 innings at Lansing with just 6 walks and 29 k. He doesn't throw as hard as some of the other but throws strikes and gets ground balls. Being just 20 and starting the season at Lansing is a pretty good sign. 

There are a bunch of other good looking prospects in the minors Henderson Alvarez (who is injured, he hasn't pitched yet this season), Brad Mills (doing great in Vegas), Griffin Murphy, Alan Farina, Trystin Magnuson Danny Farquhar, Daniel Webb, Justin Nicolino, Deivy Estrada and several others . 

Not all of these guys will go on to have careers with the Jays but I have Gillette like confidence that some of them will.