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Jays Links

Arencibia catches Drabek, could see more work
With Drabek and Morrow pitching back to back, do you think JPA will start catching 4 of 5 pitchers? That would be nice.

Brett Cecil working his way back to the Blue Jays
Sounds like Cecil is in good spirits in Vegas. He thinks he could be back after 2 more quality starts. Here's to hoping!

Farrell's Favorite Toys
Drew at Ghostrunner graphs shutdowns, meltdowns and leverage for the Jays bullpen.

Convergence pays off for Jays at box office
I asked Wednesday, and the Globe delivers. Attendance is up, but will it stay high?

1BJW Adeiny Hechavarria Interview
Jay Floyd has an interview along with some footage of the NH prospect.

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Still taking it slow, Jays’ McGowan remains upbeat
Apparently McGowan's shoulder feels good and he hopes to start a minor league rehab sometime this year. Also, it's not every day that you see the word 'pffft' in the National Post.

Acid Flashback Friday: Bill Madlock Takes Out Tony Fernandez
The Blue Jay Hunter reminds us of the Jays heated rivalry with the Tigers in the 80's, and the play that helped end the Jays playoff chances in 1987.

End Of An Era: Russ Adams Retires
Stoeten at The Drunks commemorates Adams' retirement as only they can.

Around the League

Adjusting Our Expectations
Dave Cameron at FanGraphs reminds us that hitting is down, and we have to adjust our thinking on what a good and bad player is.

A few years ago, a .250/.320/.390 batter would have been stuck with the "can’t hit" label – now, that’s exactly the league average batting line.

David Price celebrates rare BP homer in style
This is awesome. Price hits a homerun in batting practice and celebrates in style. There's a video.

Faced with a difficult decision — how to best commemorate the rare event — Price settled on a World Cup-like celebration which included cartwheels and a slide around the bases topped with a somersault into home.

Stop Driving Drunk You Entitled Douchebags
After yet another MLB player gets caught driving drunk, Drew Fairservice reacts.

Hit streaks capture the imaginations of baseball fans
Cathal Kelly writes about Andre Ethier's hit streak. I found this interesting (I wonder what their assumptions were):

Mathematicians Stephen Strogatz and Samuel Arbesman simulated the entire history of baseball 10,000 times to see how likely it was to happen again. The answer was plenty — about once every 319 years.

Hitting Streaks Don't Obey Your Rules
An article about weather whether a player's individual game results are independent from the previous games, and how this effects hitting streaks.

According to McCotter's research, "almost three times as many 30-plus-game hitting streaks have occurred in real life as we would have expected."

Derek Jeter problem a conundrum for Yankees with no easy answer
Joe Sheehan at Sports Illustrated discusses the Jeter situation. I hate the Yankees, I hate that Jeter has one 73 gold glove awards in the past 15 years but I have always had a soft spot for him for some strange reason. But still, LOL at the Yanks for being tied to him for another two years.