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Musical Interlude

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Being as I have nothing to say about baseball at the moment, and that I'm packing for a Mother's Day weekend away in Banff (going to try some spring skiing, as I've downhill skied once in my adult life, it might be interesting), I thought I'd ask you all what music you are listening to from your Ipod or CD Player or record player or 8 track or comb and tissue paper.

Me? I've mentioned Robbie Robertson's How to Become Clairvoyant  a few times on the site, I'm still enjoying that. Robbie, for those too young to remember (everyone on here but me) was the lead guitar player for The Band. I haven't listened to much of Robertson's music but this is really good. Eric Clapton plays on most of the tracks (it originally was going to be a Robertson/Clapton) and Steve Winwood is on some. 

I'm also playing Neil Young's Le Noise quite a bit. Daniel Lanois produced it and it sounds like music to me.

I'm also enjoying a new self titled CD by a group called Black Dub. I had never heard of them before but the nice fellow in the rather smelly, disorganized, but very cool music shop I was in, looked at what I was buying and said 'you ought to listen to this'. Black Dub was also produced by Daniel Lanois. They are a three piece band that apparently recorded everything live, with no overdubs. It is just cool music.