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Now I Know How It All Breaks, Are You Feeling That, Too?: Justin Verlander and Tigers No-Hit Blue Jays 9-0

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Well, there are few games that are worse to recap.

In addition to the fact that the team was no-hit, Ricky Romero had a bad start and Adam Lind was pulled due to lower back tightness.  The Jays didn't manage to get a runner to first base until J.P. Arencibia drew a walk with one out in the eighth.  That was all the offence we got and it was erased when the next batter, Edwin Encarnacion, grounded into a double play.  To be fair, it's not exactly like the Jays had their A-lineup in and Justin Verlander was throwing 100+ mph into at least the seventh inning.

Ricky Romero started off well but ran into trouble in the third inning and couldn't even make it out of the fourth.  Hopefully it is just a rough day and not continuing effects from the soreness that made the Jays push his start back.  Quite a few pitchers who use the change-up like to make sure they are pitching on regular rest and it is also possible that Ricky was overthrowing but he was fine at the outset, so I doubt that was the case.  Maybe he tweaked something between the second and third innings or maybe he just didn't really have it.

The lone bright spot of the game was Carlos Villanueva, who came in and saved the bullpen, finishing out the fourth and staying in through the 8th inning while yielding just one run.  Casey Janssen came in to pitch the ninth and was awful, walking the bases loaded (though two of the walks were on fairly close pitches) before giving up two singles and being lifted for Octavio Dotel.

As mentioned earlier, Adam Lind was lifted after the sixth inning for lower back tightness and this game may be notable for Mike McCoy technically batting fourth.  Oh yeah, also for the no-hitter.

Well, congratulations, Justin Verlander.  You're 1/4 of the way to having more no-hitters than Nolan Ryan.  I hope you make it, though please no more against the Jays.

Today's post title from "Longest Days" by The Sound