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Bluebird Links - Hits, No-Hits and Mothers Day Musings

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Well, at least the Jays got a few hits yesterday! Hopefully everyone treated their mothers to something nice yesterday. Thanks to bluejaysstatsgeek for a few of the Links.

Jays Links

The Difference Maker
After Saturday's no-hitter, The Ack wonders if Bautista was in the line-up, if the Jays would have managed a hit. Bautista is the difference maker on this team, and at this point, nobody should be complaining about his contract.

Jays a steal
Bob Elliot talks about the Jays running game.

Farm Report: 1/5
The Southpaw reviews the top 10 hitters and pitchers in the Jays minor league system so far.

Francisco shares memories of mom
A nice mothers day story from the Jays reliever.

Verlander dazzled…most people
As impressive as Verlander’s performance was, Juan Rivera doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Verlander can teach Cecil a thing or two about a ‘simple fix’
Detroit ace learns from his trip to the minors after 2008 collapse.

Interview: Mike McDade
Jay Floyd at 1BlueJaysWay with another interview.

The rest are after the jump.

Around the League

A major-league hit in the classroom
A nice story about ex-Tigers player Reno Bertoia who spent 10 years playing baseball and 30 years teaching in Windsor.

No-Hitters and Musicals Edition
Bill Parker at Getting Blanked compares the recent no-hitters to musicals.

Books of note: A roundup of new releases
A non-baseball book by Bill James and Jonah Keri's "The Extra 2%" were both featured in the Globe's mini-reviews on Friday.

Jeter sets record for most games at SS for 1 team
Add this to the useless baseball trivia pile. Jeter played his 2303 rd game at SS for the Yanks on Saturday. Kind of surprised Ripken Jr. hadn't played more games at short.

Scioscia gets 1,000th win
He becomes the 23rd manager to do so with one team.

A quick look at baseball’s biggest stories, so far
Just in case you’ve been preoccupied with things like work, here’s a cheat sheet on the new baseball season’s biggest storylines.