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The Jays Care charity auction is today. Last year I tried hard to win the trip to Boston, I had been planning to take my boy there as a graduation present, but I lost out at the last minute. I did end up going to Boston anyway and we had a great time, watching the Jays take 2 of 3 games (you can't have everything) and seeing Bautista hit his 48th and 49th home run.

Today there are 9 items up for auction:

  1. Practice with a Pro. Starting Bid: $1,500. A hitting lesson with Jose Bautista. Sounds fun, but Jose would have his hands full trying to get a better swing out of me. 
  2. Beantown Bash. Starting Bid: $2,000. The trip I didn't win last year. I enjoyed Boston but I don't need to go this year. 
  3. Behind the Ballgame. Starting Bid $1,500. Includes meet and greet with Paul Beeston and Alex Anthopoulos. Tour of the Clubhouse. Throw first pitch. Alex Anthopoulos' 'personal tickets' to the game of your choice. Batting practice visit. Dinner with Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun. That one sounds good.
  4. Play ball at Rogers. Start Bid $1,500. Get to having batting practice for you and your 5 closest friends.
  5. Meet and Greet with J.P. Arencibia. S.B. $1,500. Lunch with JP.
  6. TD Comfort Combo. S.B.:$1,000. Sit front row.
  7. Spring Training Trip: S.B.: $2,000. I really enjoyed going this year. Would be fun to go again.
  8. Canada Day Celebration. S.B.: $1,000. Tickets for the Canada Day weekend games and a room in the Ritz-Carlton.
  9. Major League Memorabilia. S.B.:$1,000

Also, we can just buy a 'Fans Gift Pack' for $100. A bunch of Blue Jays stuff, including a signed ball.

So, if you had the money, which would you bid on? I'd think about the Behind the Ballgame, but it will likely go for more than I'm willing to spend.