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I Was Carried to Ohio In a Swarm of Bees - 6/1 Game Thread, Cleveland at Toronto

Hi everyone. Rough game last night, but the Jays can still take the series tonight with a win.

Kyle Drabek pitches for the Jays and while he has shown flashes of what he can do, his first season in the majors has also showed his limitations at this point in his career. His K/BB ratio sits at 1:1, though he has done a good job keeping the ball on the ground. That won't be enough for sustained success in the AL East, though, unless he can also improve on his very pedestrian K/9 and very poor BB/9 numbers.

Josh Tomlin pitches for Cleveland and and he's having a very nice season thusfar. His K numbers are nothing to write home about, but he's been great at limiting walks and fortunate at stranding runners. On the other hand, home runs have been a weak spot, so the Jays should be thinking about launching one tonight. Tomlin's tRA (5.31) suggest he's been more fortunate than good, but anytime you're striking out 350% more batters than you're walking, you're doing something right.