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Blue Jay Pitchers in the Month of May

It was a pretty up and down month for our Jays. We went 15-13 on the month. Our starters went 10-9 with a 4.16 ERA. The relievers were 5-4 with a 3.24 ERA and 7 saves. 

We'll take a look at the month that was for our pitchers today and hitters tomorrow.

Ricky Romero (3-1, 2.73): He was our best starter this month. He had 4 good starts and 1 bad in May. His first start of the month, against the Tigers wasn't good but since then, 4 starts of 8.2, 7, 7  and 7 innings each. The bullpen cost him a win in the game against the Yankees. Surprisingly his strikeout rate dropped from 9.5/9 in April to 6.8 in May. Opponents hit .214/.292/.359 off him in May, basically the same as they did in April.

The rest of our pitchers after the jump.

Kyle Drabek (1-2, 3.86): Kyle's ERA dropped from 4.45 in April but his other numbers were pretty much the save. He walked the same number of batters (21) as in April and gave up 28 hits in 30.1 innings, compared to 31 in 32.1 innings in April. He didn't strike out as many last month, 5.0/9 compared to 7.0 in April. Of his 5 starts,3 would be considered Quality Starts, in one other he needed one more out to get to the QS. His runs allowed in the 5 starts were 3, 4, 1, 3, and 2. so not terrible. His shortest outing was 5 innings, longest 7. Batters hit .252/.363/.387. It would be nice if he'd walk fewer. 

Jo-Jo Reyes (1-2, 3.35): A huge improvement over his 5.48 ERA in April. You all know he got his first win. He had 6 starts in May, 4 good, 1 not so good and 1 bad one. His strikeout rate dropped in May too, from 7.4/9 in April to 5.3 in May. Opponents hit .274/.327/.411 against him, much, much better than the .337/.411/.500 line from April. He should have had another win this month but the bullpen blew one on him. With any luck he could have had 3 or 4 wins. 

Brandon Morrow (2-2, 5.51): An up and down month, 2 good starts, 2 ok starts, 2 bad starts. 41 strikeouts in 32.2 innings. Still walking a few too many, 16. Didn't give up a home run all month and only 1 this season, but, it seems like every pitch the other team gets their bat on lands for a hit. His opponents batting line for the month was .271/.351/.372.

Jesse Litsch (2-2, 5.48): 4 starts before he went on the DL in May. He gave up 5 home runs, way too many but then likely has some to do with the sore shoulder. The .267/.354/.500 is similar to his April line, except for the slugging average that jumped from .376. Last I heard he was going to be shut down for a week before rehabbing again.

Carlos Villanueva (2-0, 3.20): Carlos has had 2 starts now, one good, one bad. He had 5 relief appearances, all good, allowing just 1 earned run in relief and that was in 4.2 innings he pitched against the Tigers. He has earned at least a couple more starts. Opponents batting line for May: .216/.253/.338. He struck out 8.7/9 while walking just 1.8. He has to be the biggest surprise of the Jay pitchers this year.

Jon Rauch (1-1, 5.59, 1 save): Also had 2 blown saves. Not a bad slash line against, .237/.293/.395. He doesn't strike out many, 6.5/9 in May. I'm thinking that what you are seeing is what you get from Rauch. 

Shawn Camp (0-0, 2.19): He had a bad outing where he gave up 3 unearned runs, other than that he gave up earned runs in 2 of 11 games. Slash line .275/.302/.471.

Marc Rzepczynski (0-1, 2.62): He had a blown save in there too. Gave up a single earned run in 3 of his 11 appearances and 2 unearned runs in one. 5 holds on the month. Slash line isn't near as good as April's was, .318/.348/.477.

Casey Janssen (2-0, 2.25): 2 wins, 2 holds. Gave up runs in 2 of 12 games. 11 strikeouts in 12 innings is pretty good. .167/.239/.190. A pretty good month.

Jason Frasor (0-0, 1.00): 3 holds. 12 appearances, he gave up 1 run. I wouldn't mind seeing him pitch in higher leverage spots. 9 innings, 9 k. .212/.297/.333. 

Frank Francisco (0-2, 8.68): 3 blown saves. I think we've said it often enough, but he shouldn't be pitching back to back days yet. Gave up runs in 6 of 12 appearance, which isn't good for a reliever. 11 strikeouts in 9.1 innings. .317/.404/.610 line looks at lot worse than his .111/.200/.278 line from April.

Octavio Dotel (0-0, 5.68, 1 save): He gave up all 4 of his earned runs in one May appearance. He's not getting much for high leverage work, understandably. .259/.375/.444 line, but in only 6.1 innings.

Luis Perez (1-0, 1.74): He has looked really good this time up. That extra inning win, where he went 3.2 scoreless innings was great. He's doing a great job as the long man so far. .231/.286/.333.