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Groundhog Day.

Red Sox 14 Blue Jays 1

So I've been stuck in a Bill Murray movie. Each day I get up and think it is going to be different and each day is the same. At least today's version had a Jose Bautista home run in it. Total score on the weekend was 35-6. It gives the Red Sox 3 straight sweeps, the Yankees and A's got thumped before us. 

A whole weekend where every time the Red Sox' bats touched a ball, it fell in somewhere. Except for the odd time it went over the fence. 

On offense? We had all of two hits today, Bautista's home run and a Edwin Encarnacion single. Edwin also had our only walk on the day. 

No Jay of the Day today. Bautista had the high mark for WPA at .074. Kyle Drabek had the Suckage number -.350.

I'm glad that series is over. Bring on the Orioles