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Monday Bantering

That was a lousy weekend, not that I really want to revisit it at all, but it is an off-day and all and there isn't much for Blue Jays news. So just the odd thing:

  • In the first game, we noticed that the Red Sox catcher was using a complicated set of signs, even with runners not on base. Someone, who had the Red Sox feed, said their commentators were saying they were worried that the Jays were stealing signs. Now I understand stealing signs when there is a runner on second, he could easily relay signs to the batter. Without a runner on base? I guess the Jays could have someone the center field seats, with a set of binoculars, and he could somehow relay the sign to the batter. Maybe by putting lanterns in the old church tower. One if by fastball, two if by change. Or maybe they could be using the TV feed, but I'm not sure how they would relay the signs. But perhaps the Red Sox John Farrell better than we do.
  • Course, if a team was stealing signs, smart money would have been on the Red Sox. I mean, the team that hits everything is more likely to be the one that knows what is coming. If you can, take a look at the home run by Varitek off Brandon Morrow, high fastball on the outside of the plate and Varitek pulls it for a home run? I'm amazed he could get a bat on that ball. 
  • I hate intentional walks to load the bases. Not that it mattered, with the way the game turned out, but in the 3rd inning of Brandon Morrow's game, down 1-0, Farrell had Morrow intentionally walk David Ortiz to load the bases with one out. I know the idea was to set up the double play, but Morrow isn't a pitcher that gets a lot of double plays. The problem with walking a guy to load the bases is that you are setting up a big inning. I also hate taking the pitcher's focus away from the strike zone. As it turned out, in this case loading the bases didn't work out. Brandon did get two strikes on the next batter, Jed Lowrie, but next pitch came a little bit too far inside and got Lowrie on the knee. That's another reason I don't like the IW, it doesn't allow the pitcher any mistake. I know, by walking Ortiz, they set up a platoon advantage against Lowrie, but hen they didn't get the DP, Morrow had to face the lefty Carl Crawford.  By the time the inning ended, we were down 4-0.
  • If anything good came out of the weekend, it is that Jose Bautista broke out of his homerless streak, hitting one out Sunday. That was good. And Edwin Encarnacion his little hot streak at the plate, he was 3 for 6, with a homer and a walk on the weekend. Over the past two weeks he is hitting .400/.500/.640 
  • It was fun watching Mike McCoy pitch. He was smart, a non-pitchers best hope of getting a major leaguer out is by throwing soft. They are so much wanting to hit that ball hard, by the time it gets to them they are too anxious. Throwing soft messes with their timing a lot. I think of it the same as me batting in slow pitch. Throw me a ball fast (and straight) and I can hit. Slow pitch, I have a lot more trouble. 
  • As well as messing with a bunch of pitcher's ERAs the weekend didn't help many of our batters. Jayson Nix had finally gotten his batting average above .200, for the first time since May 19th. An 0 for weekend dropped him back down to .186. Brett Lawrie can't get healthy quick enough. Until then, could we try McCoy at the spot for a bit. He hasn't been great, .224/.325/.313 in just 67 at bats, but we have tried Nix. It really isn't working.