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Kyle Drabek Demoted, Zach Stewart Called Up To Blue Jays

The Jays have sent Kyle Drabek to Las Vegas and have called up Zach Stewart from New Hampshire to take his spot on the roster and, I presume, in the rotation. Zach has been great in his last 3 Fisher Cat starts, with a 2.37 ERA. Kyle....well you know. This happens just a couple of days after John Farrell said that there was no discussion about sending Kyle down, yeah right. It will be interesting to see Zach.

We'll add to this as we know more.


Wilner Thwipped this:

Farrell: We've got a young pitcher going on Sunday, and before the game I'm not gonna say he's in jeopardy of going to AAA.

That explains away the little lie to the press nicely.