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Bluebird Links - Kyle Drabek versus Zach Stewart

Lots of Kyle Drabek and Zach Stewart talk in the links today so I'll post those on the front page, and the rest are after the jump!

Jays Links

Gregg Zaun on Kyle Drabek
Callum Hughson at Mop-Up Duty summarizes Zaun's thoughts on Drabek and his demotion.

Drabek down, Stewart up
Drew at Ghostrunner is worried about Drabek's future.

Stewart Gets The Call, Drabek Takes The Fall!
Batter's Box summarizes Stewart's minor league career thus far.

What's The Opposite of Drabekkuh?
Stoeten at the Drunks has an interesting point regarding the Stewart promotion:

Stewart's placement on the 40-man roster very possibly means that Edwin Encarnacion's days as a Jay are numbered...someone else will have to go when Lawrie is healthy and ready to be promoted-- and someone else still when Dustin McGowan comes off the 60-day DL-- and I'm thinking that Scott Richmond, Jayson Nix and Encarnacion are the prime candidates left to be DFA'd.

More Jays Links

Jays Watch: Short-term changes ahead?
Anthopoulos had this to say about Snider:

"He’s been driving the ball with authority to left-centre. I don’t want to make too much of a small sample but, reading the game reports, it sounds like he’s looking a lot better at the plate."


Thames takes advantage of big league promotion
Eric Thames made the most of his first trip to the majors when he finally got there in mid-May.

Pair of Jays prospects ‘fearless’ on mound
John Lott profiles Jay's prospects, Henderson Alvarez and Nestor Molina.

The lost weekend
Carson makes the argument that John McDonald is most missed player on the Jays right now. And he likes the rumours of two 15-team divisions.

J.P Ricciardi: Not a Total Failure Part #3
Scott Barber at Jays Journal finishes up a 3 part series on the successes of JP Ricciardi.

Around the League

Comparing the 2008 Version of Jose Reyes to the 2011 Version
Bill Petti suggests that Reyes may not simply be back to his 2006-2008 form, but that he's improved.

Pitchers’ Roundtable – the 1980s
FanGraphs has a pitcher roundtable discussion with Bud Black, Danny Darwin, Mike Flanagan, Greg Maddux, Jon Matlack and Bob Walk about pitching in the 80's and how/if it's different than today.

The Human Highlight Video
Drew Fairservice puts together a bunch of Brett Lillibridge hi-light catches. The O-Dog would be proud.

Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander flirts with no-hitter in win over Indians
Verlander fell 5 outs short of becoming the the sixth pitcher with three career no-hitters.

Manny's $8M might sink Dodgers payroll
Ouch. What happens if they don't meet payroll? I'm sure the Jays will happily take Matt Kemp.

The Continuing Failure of Baseball Umpires
Jonah Keri makes the argument for increasing the use of technology in baseball.

Yanks' Jeter goes on DL for first time since '03

Is it too much to hope for that he never reaches 3000?  I hope the Yankees aren't playing the Jays in approximately 3 weeks...