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Today in Bluebird Banter History

Happy Father's Day. I hope all the Fathers out there have a good one. Me, I think a great gift would be finishing off a sweep of the Reds, then, tonight, we are going to a Brazilian restaurant. If you haven't been to a Brazilian barbeque place, and you like meat, you really ought to try it. Course yesterday I was looking at a nice Ukulele, thinking it would be a good Father's day gift. Maybe another time.

Speaking of Father's Day, one year ago today out Bluebird Banter team grew by one. It's Sebastian Ugo's first birthday. I'm sure it will be a great day in the Hugo house. 

Also, last year on Father's Day, John McDonald, after losing his father a few days before, hit a home run in his first at bat back from the bereavement list. I remember listening to the game on the radio, I was driving home from a weekend away, you could really feel the emotion of it all come through in Jerry and Alan's voices as well as their respect and love for McDonald. I hope Farrell gives Mac a start today.

Also two years, another play that we'll all remember, Marco Scutaro took a walk and continued on to second base, when he realized no one was paying attention to him. I miss Marco. I'm going to put the GIF of the play after the jump.


Happy Father's Day, call your dad.