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Travis Snider has a Concussion.

Shi Davidi thwips that John Farrell said that Travis Snider has a concussion and will seeing a neurologist later today. No word on how bad, but it isn't good news. I was really hopeful that Travis would be coming back up to the Jays in the next little while, but this, obviously, pushes that back. 

You all likely know this, but Travis was hit in the helmet by a pitch, the other day, in Vegas. He stayed in the game for 3 more innings, then came out with dizziness. 

Johnny had a rant about this, earlier in the season, when Yunel hit his head on the knee of the third baseman, but why would you not take the guy out of the game right after being hit in the head. Shouldn't that just be SOP. Player is hit in the head with a pitch, don't ask him how he is, just take the guy out of the game. Doesn't that make sense? Maybe we could get that now. 

I hope Travis recovers quickly. Concussions are scary things.