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Bluebird Links - Father's Day, Beard Production and Yunel Escobar

So, how about that Escobar extension?  There's surprisingly little chatter around the blogosphere about this deal, however I think it's a great contract - maybe one of the best that AA has inked yet.  Buying out Escobar's two remaining arbitration years at $5 each would have been pretty good by itself, but adding two team options for his first two free agent years at the same price?  Great stuff from AA.  Take a look at some of the comparables - guys like Alexi Ramirez and Jose Reyes are (or will be inked) to way more money than Yunel just signed for.  So, is everyone happy with the deal?

On to the links...

Jays Links

Jays coach recalls Father’s Day gifts
Don Wakamatsu was inspired by his father and grandfather, who survived a Japanese internment camp during World War II, and now his oldest son has been drafted by the team.

Change in perception
After the Jays took a risk in acquiring Escobar, the shortstop continues to pay dividends.

Hutchison helps Lansing clinch berth
The Jays will have at least one affiliate playing in the playoffs this year!

Jose Bautista's Key to Success: His Beard
Ian at BlueJay Hunter wonders if Jose's beard contributes to his success (haven't we all wondered this at some point?) Ian shows off his graphing skills to answer the question.


The rest of the Jays links, and chatter from around the league are after the jump.

Frequent Flyer Mike McCoy Helping Blue Jays in 2011
The Good Point has a nice piece on McCoy and the role he plays with the Jays.

Anthopoulos regrets reaction to rumors
Sounds like AA is a little tired of the media. There are also a few notes on the Escobar extension and how it will (or won't) effect Hechavarria.

Jesse Does Lansing
1 Blue Jays Way has a little piece on Litsch's rehab start in Lansing, and includes an interview with him.

Around the League

Votto’s MVP connection
The Star has a interesting piece on Joey Votto's childhood coach and mentor, and the coaches mentor.

Terminator among Canadian ball hall inductees
Tom Henke, Baseball America founder Allan Simpson and Dandy George Wood enshrined in St. Marys.

Less than one year on the job, Marlins manager abruptly quits
It's not often that you hear of a professional sports coach quitting, but that's what Edwin Rodriguez did over the weekend. Apparently he was extremely frustrated, with only one win in 18 games.

Derek Jeter and the delayed milestone
Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times wonders if anyone else has had a similar wait to Jeter's while approaching one of the big career milestone marks.

Scott Rolen and His Friends
Magpie at Batter's Box ranks current third baseman among the current hall of fame third baseman and wonders if Rolen should be in the hall.

Rays' Johnny Damon joins elite company after 500th double

With an opposite-field bloop double to left in the first inning of Saturday night's game against Florida, Damon became just the 11th player all-time to have 500 doubles, 100 triples, 200 homers, and 2,500 hits.

Good stuff for Mr. Damon. Too bad he's played for the three teams I can't stand.