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Offensive Troubles

Ricky Romero let off some steam after the game. I can't really blame him, that was a tough game. A starting pitcher ought to be able to give up a couple of runs and not take the loss. Our offense has been terrible this month. As a team we are hitting .227/.296/.382 in June, after hitting .272/.333/.435 in May. Teams do have ups and downs but we have too many guys that really aren't major league hitters and a couple of the ones that good hitters are slumping:

Rajai Davis hit .295/.339/.390 in May, .169/.180/.339. You know the line players use about the ball looking like a beach ball when things are going well, I get the feeling that Rajai can't even see the ball right now. 

Corey Patterson had a really good May, .308/.325/.470 and is having a really awful June, .200/.231/.253. It says a lot about our team that a guy doing that poorly has played every game this month and mostly in LF where you really have to expect some offense. If Corey was young, I'd like the team to ride it out, but the guy is 31 now and has proven he shouldn't be an everyday players. Why not get Thames back up with the team?

Jayson Nix didn't hit at all in May, .118/.143/.265 and really hasn't improved in June, .154/.211/.269. If Lawrie hadn't been hurt, we wouldn't be watching Nix anymore, but I would rather give McCoy or even McDonald more playing time over him. Nix had a couple of home runs in his first 5 games with the time and the first impression seems to be lingering with Farrell.

J.P. Arencibia hit .256/.316/.465 in May, .151/.252/.318 in June. At least he is still taking a few walks. He hasn't been able to hit since hurting his finger. At what point would it be better to give him some time off to heal up? I know we admire guys that play through pain, but it really isn't helping the team at the moment. 

Yunel Escobar hit .317/.421/.490 in May, .213/.262/.344 in June. I didn't realize he was having a poor month.

Jose Bautista hit .360/.476/.791 in May, .242/.397/.306 in June. He is still getting on base but only has 1 homer this month. 

So it is easy to see why we aren't scoring. Tougher to see how we are going to pull out of this without JP getting healthy, a couple or three of the others getting replaced and others rebounding.