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Tuesday Bantering: Bits of Jays News

There are little bits of news to carry us over til game time:

  • Ricky Romero spoke to his teammates in a 'closed door' meeting to assure them that he didn't 'call them out'. He said earlier in the day that he wasn't happy that his comments were taken as calling them out. I don't know, I think he's too worried about how the newspapers and us fans took his comments. I'm sure his teammates weren't too worried about it, and like agree that they could be doing better.
  • An MRI of Casey Janssen's arm showed 'no structural damage'. He should be able to return to the team after his15 days are up. 
  • Our friend Drew has had some fun with Braves fans. I really don't understand why they feel they have to set us straight on Yunel Escobar. I mean, I don't chase after fans of teams the Jays have traded players to, to make sure they understand how lousy the guy they got is. I don't know why it would matter to them that I like Yunel and enjoy watching him play. If they are happy with Alex Gonzalez, that's great, I'm happy with Yunel, let's just enjoy. 
  • Jesse Litsch starts Thursday in New Hampshire. If all goes well, 1 or 2 more rehab starts and he'll be ready to rejoin the Jays. 
  • And as you all have heard, the Jays have told Kyle Drabek to stop throwing his cutter in Vegas, to focus on his fastball.