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Well, at least we scored this time, Jays Lose to Braves

Blue Jays 1 Braves 5

It is sort of funny that all the batters would shut off at the same time. A couple of weeks back no one on the team could pitch (other than Mike McCoy), now no one can hit. I'm expecting that next week, no one will be able to catch the ball. 

We had 5 hits, 2 singles for Adam Lind, and a double each for Escobar, Patterson and Molina. Second base umpire Joe West was so surprised by Corey's hit that he didn't think to get out of his way as Corey turned second. Patterson scored our run, Lind drove him in. 

Zach Stewart didn't have the great start he had his first time out. Tonight, he seemed to have trouble hitting the strike zone, and when he did it was hit. He gave up 10 hits and 3 walks in his 3.2 innings.

The only part of our team that did well was our bullpen. Marc Rzepczynski pitched 3.2 2.1 perfect innings and Jason Frasor and Octavio Dotel had a scoreless inning each. 

Jay of the Day was Lind (.108 WPA). Suckage numbers go to Stewart (-.335, plus another -.100 if you count his bat) and Rajai Davis (-.105). 

Tomorrow is an afternoon game, 1:00 Eastern start. Jo-Jo Reyes (3-5, 4.18) goes up against his old team. Anything less than a shut out means a loss Jo-Jo, no pressure. Brandon Beachy (1-1, 3.45) gets to pitch to our batters.