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You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles: June 22 - Jays @ Braves - Gamethread

You know your team is going bad when you get owned by a pitcher and the next day he is sent down to the minors. Mike Minor did a great job against us and after the game he was sent back to the minors.

There are a few bits of Jays news this morning. Travis Snider had is apparently symptom free so he shouldn't be out long. Casey Janssen got good news as well so he shouldn't be out longer than the 15 days.

Jo-Jo gets to face his old team today, I hope we score him some runs today. Brian Beachy starts for the Braves.

Juan Rivera draws in at LF today, Patterson will play CF. On the Braves side, Juilo Lugo plays short for them, after being called up yesterday. They want a veteran to give Alex Gonzalez the odd day off at short.

I'm slow with this so let's put it up, Go Jays.


Yunel Escobar, SS Jordan Schafer, CF
Corey Patterson, CF Jason Heyward, RF
Jose Bautista, RF Chipper Jones, 3B
Adam Lind, 1B Brian McCann, C
Juan Rivera, LF Freddie Freeman, 1B
J.P. Arencibia, C Dan Uggla, 2B
Aaron Hill, 2B Nate McLouth, LF
Jayson Nix, 3B Juilo Lugo, SS
Jo-Jo Reyes, P Brandon Beachy, P