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Jose Bautista Hits a Homer: Jays Still Lose to Braves

Blue Jays 1 Braves 5

That game seemed to last forever, maybe because it felt like the 3 game series was just one long, awful game.

Was there anything good about today? Jose Bautista hit a home run and stole one from Jason Schafer. That was a terrific catch. He just missed making that catch on the Brooks Conrad home run, the at bat right before. Practice makes perfect. Beyond that, I don't remember much good about it. 

Offensively, we were just awful, yet again. 6 hits, 4 walks and 13 strikeouts for our batters. A three game series and we score 2 runs. Two. 

Pitching? Jo-Jo Reyes went 5.1 and gave up 4 earned runs off 2 2-run homers. Earlier in the season he was keeping the ball in the park, today, not so much. Jon Rauch gave up two more homers, but Jose pulled the second one back into the park. 

No Jay of the Day today. Suckage Jays? Give one to everyone in the batting order, except for Jose. 

Tomorrow is a much needed off day for the Jays. Well, I'm not sure if the Jays need the day off, but I sure do. We start a series against the Cardinals Friday in St. Louis.