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Give us your line up suggestions.

Shi Davidi twittered this:

Farrell says Jays will look make change for StL: We need a spark, that's clear. How we look to do that we'll examine in this room first.

Apparently the plan is to change around the batting order. Personally I'd call up a couple or three guys from Vegas, but that doesn't seem to be an option. I've always found, playing poker, that if you have bad cards, no matter how much you shuffle your hand around, it doesn't help. But who knows, maybe we can move these cards around and come up with 8 Aces. 

Anyway, if you were John, and you had to stick with the players we have on the roster now, how would you put the order together? Remember we will be in St. Louis Friday so no DH. 

Rules? None really, but no critiquing anyone else's suggestion.