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Little Bits of Blue Jay News: Jose Bautista to Play Third Base?

Shi Davidi is reporting that Jose Bautista will become the Jays full time (at least until they change their minds again) third baseman until Brett Lawrie is ready to be called up. The Jays are saying that after the weekend Jose will be back at the hot corner. 

Brett, unfortunately, won't be returning to action soon. The break in his hand isn't healing, he might not be back playing until August.

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Also, Travis Snider might be called up as soon as they are sure his head is clear. And the Jays are considering bringing Adam Loewen and David Cooper up. 

I really don't see the downside in bringing these guys up soon. Nix, Patterson and Davis aren't hitting enough (or at all really) to want to see all three in the batting order in the same game. If we are going to lose, it might as well be with young guys. 

Loewen is the one I'd question, because he is out of options, so if the Jays bring him up to Toronto, they can't send him down without him clearing waivers, but then if he doesn't show well here, would any other team want to use up a roster spot on him? It might be worth seeing what we have in a few of these guys, as long as the team doesn't decide that 30 at bats is enough and then send them back down again. 

I'm not sold on the idea of Bautista at third again. I saw him working at third with Brian Butterfield and he didn't look like someone that wanted to play the position, but then maybe he was just having a bad day. At least it should be interesting. I'm happy with any move that stops them from putting Jayson Nix in the lineup every day.