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Who's Up, Who's Down For the Jays This Week: June 17 to 23rd

Oh this isn't going to be a fun one. We went 2-4 this week. Our pitchers were pretty good, they had a 2.88 ERA this week. The batters? Pick a term: dismal, God awful, dreadful, frustrating, or any of a few dozen terms that can't be used on this site.

Let's get to it.



Ricky Romero

I'm sure you remember the start. 7 innings and the Tim Hudson homer. And the frustration afterwards. 


Carlos Villanueva He went 7 innings in his start, gave up a homer, 2 runs and took the loss. He didn't walk a batter. 


Zach Stewart

His second start wasn't quite as good as his first. 3.2 innings, 10 hits, 4 walks, 2 home runs and amazingly just 5 earned runs. If his next start is that bad, I'm pretty sure it will be his last one for a while. 


Jo-Jo Reyes

He had two starts this week, winning the one against the Reds, going 6.1, getting 5 k, 2 earned and no walks. The other against the Braves he lost, he gave up two 2 run homers in 5.1 innings. I read one of the writers saying he only made two mistakes all game, but then both homers were two run shots, so he made other mistakes. He hit a single, making him the best batter on the team. 


Brandon Morrow

He had our other win of the week, a great start. He went 6.2 shutout innings, allowed just 5 hits, walked 1 and 6 strikeouts. I hope it is the start of good things.

The Rest


Shawn Camp

Shawn pitched in 2 games, getting just 3 outs in total. A pretty light work week for him. Relievers have life good, he threw just 8 pitches and still gets paid like he did real work. 


 Octavio Dotel

Dotel pitched in three games, 3 innings, he faced 11 batters, gave up 1 hit and 1 intentional walk, with 4 strikeouts. A really good week. I know he isn't a fan favorite, but, used right, he's a handy guy to have around. 


Jason Frasor

Jason got in 2 games, faced 4 batters and got them all out. 2 strikeouts. 


Casey Janssen

They said the MRI showed no 'structural damage'. He should be back after his 15 days are up. 


Jon Rauch

He pitched 3 innings in 2 games. He faced 12 batters, allowed 3 hits, but 1 of them was a home run. 


Marc Rzepczynski

Scrabble pitched in 2 games, one didn't go well, he gave up 2 hits, getting just 1 walk on Sunday against the Reds. Fortunately Dotel came in and got the last two outs of the inning. On Tuesday he pitched 2.1 perfect innings, getting 2 strikeouts. In total he faced 11 batters and got 9 of them out. 


Frank Francisco

.He just pitched in one game, and got the save. 


Luis Perez

Luis got into 2 games, faced 7 batters, got 5 of them out, and gave up a single and a walk. Pretty good work.



J.P. Arencibia 

I wish they would give him some time off so that his thumb could heal properly. He went 3 for 14, with no walks or extra base hits. .214/.214/.214 in 4 games.


Adam Lind

I thought he was the one batter that had a good week, I was wrong, he didn't. .183/.250/.318, 1 homer, 3 RBI, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts. 


Aaron Hill

Coming off a couple of good weeks, I was hoping he had turned the corner, maybe not. .143/.182/.286, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 steal, 1 walk, 1 GDP. 


Yunel Escobar

 .200/.200/.280, 2 doubles, 1 run, 0 RBI, 1 steal.  


Edwin Encarnacion

Pinch hit in 4 games, didn't get a hit. I suppose, considering the week we had, that he didn't strikeout was a moral victory. Not really. 


Corey Patterson

Started every game this week. 2 hits in 21 at bats, but both were doubles. .095/.136/.190, 0 RBI, 1 steal, 8 strikeouts, 1 sac bunt and he was hit by pitch once. Honest, if you told me Patterson would be an everyday LFer I would have figured us to be 20-50 at this point. He can't be an everyday player. 


Rajai Davis

He started 3 of the 6 games, but got into the other 3 as well. .167/.167/.333, 1 triple, only 4 strikeouts, my memory had him striking out every time up. Wanna laugh or maybe cry, best slugging average to this point on our chart.


Jose Bautista

He had a home run and stole one from the Braves in Wednesday's game. Actually, his best week in a few, .261/.292/.435, double, homer, 3 RBI, only 1 walk, 1 caught stealing and he struck out 6 times. I'm sure it that is his worse strikeout to walk ratio of the year. 


Juan Rivera

Juan started 3 games and pinch hit in 1. .200/.333/.200, 2 walks, 1 k.


John McDonald

Just back from the DL, Mac started 1 game, got into 3 others. 1 for 5 with a double. .200/.200/.400.


Jayson Nix

9 at bats, no hits. He was walked intentionally. Why? I have no frigging idea. He also had a sac fly. 


Jose Molina

Started his usual 2 games this week and pinch hit once. .375/.444/.1.000. 3 hits, 2 doubles and a home run plus a walk. The only batter to get an up arrow this week. John, let's let him play a week and let JP rest his thumb. 


Mike McCoy

On his way back to Vegas. Poor guy. He had a big 4 plate appearances and walked twice. A .500 OBP. I really can't understand why he is going to Vegas and Nix is staying with the team.