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Explain this batting order to me....

After have a tough time, on offense, for a week or so, we made some changes that seemed to help out for the series against the Cardinals. Today this is our batting order:

Escobar SS, Thames LF, Bautista RF, Lind 1B, Hill 2B. Ok I'm with you so far Farrell. I wouldn't mind moving Jose out of the 3 spot but I'm not about to win there so I'm not fighting the battle.

6 through 9 in the order:

6. Patterson DH. Yeah that's right, DH.

7. Molina C. Ok, JP can use days off. 

8. Davis CF. We want both Patterson and Davis in the lineup? 

9, Nix 3B. I thought we were going to put Bautista at third? Or, if we figure Bautista needs more time to get his mind around the idea, Edwin had a pretty good weekend. Why not keep him there?  But no we put Nix there. Nix last had a hit on June 16th. For the month he is hitting .148/.203/.259. Why would we go back to him?

It seemed sitting Nix and one of Patterson/Davis worked well on the weekend, why would we want all three in the lineup now?

If we get told that the reason the 3 are playing is something to do with them having good, small sample, numbers against Max Scherzer, I'm going to be a very unhappy blogger. Nope that's not it, Davis is 0 for 1, Patterson 0 for 2 and Nix 0 for 6, against Scherzer. 

So explain it?


Ok John Lott explains the Nix thing:

EE suffered low-back strain in last AB Sunday. DTD.