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That wasn't fun: Jays lose to Tigers

Blue Jays 2 Tigers 4

That was just irritating to watch. Right from when we saw the lineup, till the final out, it just wasn't fun.

Zach Stewart didn't pitch bad. He was got hurt by some very soft singles, but he got through 6 innings and only allowed 2 runs? He was helped out by a nice catch on a Magglio Ordonez line drive, by Aaron Hill, who turned what should have been a hit into a double play. Zach gave up 9 hits, but 7 of them were singles. He only walked 1 and struck out 4. 

Jason Frasor pitched a nice 7th. Marc Rzepczynski and Shawn Camp comblined to give up the couple of runs in the 8th that cost us the game. It wasn't all their fault, Scrabble came in to start the 8th, got Victor Martinez to ground out and then gave up a single to Ordonez. Camp came in, and got a fly ball to right that Jose Bautista should have caught but it got past him for a triple, scoring a run. After an intentional walk, Shawn got a ground ball, that Escobar and Hill didn't quite turn into a double play, and there went another run. 

We tried for a come back, Hill got on on an error and, after a Patterson pop out, Jose Molina had single on a pop fly that CFer Austin Jackson almost caught.  But Juan Rivera hit into a double play and that was the game. 

Double plays were the order of the night. We had the bases loaded and 1 out in the 6th but Aaron Hill ht into a double play ending that hope. We got our runs in the 4th, on a Eric Thames double, a Bautista ground out and a Adam Lind homer. 

Jay of the Day is Stewart (.129). Bautista had a .119 but I'm taking away points for not making that catch in the 8th.. Suckage numbers go to Camp (-.324, thought that  isn't fair, if Jose had made that catch, he would have had a better number), Rivera (-.177 for that double play), Hill (.123) and Nix (-.109).

I can't wait for Jose to start playing 3rd. I am tired of Nix being an auto out in the order. Course, Nix only played because Edwin has a pulled muscle in his back. Now if we could find a way to keep Davis and Patterson out of the lineup I'd be happy. 

Jim Leyland was ejected after what must be the worst bit of umpiring I've ever seen. On a bunt, Hill threw to first, it was a close play, but umpire Ed Rapuano seemed to forget he was to make a call. He called safe, several seconds after the play happened. Ed talked to the plate umpire and they overturned the call. Leyland, understandably, was upset and got himself thrown out. 

Tomorrow we have the Pirates coming to town. Kevin Correia (9-6, 3.65) starts for the Pirates. Jo-Jo Reyes (3-6. 4.34) goes for our side.