Lyle Overbay: Canadians not as forgiving as Americans


OK. That was a sensationalist title, but it got you here, didn't it? Lyle talks in the article about how he is expecting to be booed, and how the 1994 strike is what killed baseball in Toronto. Like Lyle, I have no idea why Toronto fans love to boo former players. Players who were jerks (Burnett, Bosh) I understand, but why Scoot? Why Hinske? I don't really agree with the last point--I think that the 1994 strike did make a big impact on baseball in the city, but it wasn't like attendance was that poor in 1995-1997. Attendence averages were 45k in 1991, 49k in 1992, 50k in 1993, 49k in 1994, 39k in 1995, 32k in 1996, 32k in 1997, 30k in 1998. So you can say that the strike knocked down about 10k fans per game but it kept dropping because of sustained team suckage.