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A Month from the Trade Deadline: Who Do You Expect to See Traded?

We are about a month away from the 'non-waiver' trade deadline, so I thought I'd ask who you figured Alex Anthopoulos might trade away? I know, trying to out guess Alex is a wasted effort but why not give it a shot. 

Let's list some of the possibles:

  • Jo-Jo Reyes: I kept hoping Jo-Jo would build up some trade value before the deadline. Every now and then I start thinking he has and then he has a start like yesterday's. But for a team that needs a 5th starter, Reyes might be a reasonable choice. I'm not sure what we could get back for him. 
  • Carlos Villanueva: Considering we picked him up for nothing, so I don't know how much trade value he has, but again, if a team is looking for a 5th starter or a swing man, he might be a good choice.
  • Jason Frasor, Casey Janssen, Jon Rauch, Shawn Camp, Octavio Dotel and Frank Francisco: I figured we might as well list the bullpen altogether. Anyone of them could be traded, but I think the Jays would want to hang on to Scrabble. Of the others, any contender that needs a setup man could be interested in any of them. All of them have fairly team friendly contracts. Francisco has looked better of late. I could see someone wanting him.
  • Aaron Hill: With the team having to decide to pick up club options or not, after this season, if they have decided not to pick them up, maybe they will be interested in getting something for him instead of just letting him go. He does have value, he is good defensively and I really don't think there are many better offensive second baseman available for trade. The down side is we don't have anyone ready to step into his spot.
  • Edwin Encarnacion: Since there wasn't a rush to grab him off of waivers last year, I'm not sure what trade value he has but he is swinging the bat well right not, someone might want a slugging DH. 
  • Juan Rivera: I didn't realize how terrible Juan's numbers are, .248/.311/.370. I guess since the Davis and Patterson are having such a lousy time of it, he looks ok by comparison. Maybe someone will be desperate?
  • Rajai Davis/Corey Patterson: MLB Trade Rumors has a list of 'Contenders in need of a center field upgrade' and they list our guys as possibilities. I have doubts that either of those two would be an upgrade for anyone but they might make ok insurance for someone. Dumping one of them would be fine by me. I am curious to see Travis Snider in CF.
  • Jose Molina: There must be some contender that would like a veteran backup catcher? Not that I particularly want to get rid of him, but if someone was to offer, well, anything of value, you'd have to take it.

Anyway, who do you think will be traded off before the deadline?