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Saturday Bantering

It feels good to be a Jays' fan this morning. We won last night. We are 29-28, tied with the Rays, 2 back from the Red Sox and 3 Back from the Yankees. Adam Lind is back with the team. Brett Lawrie will be up as soon as the swelling goes down in his hand and he can show it isn't effecting his play. I'm thinking it will be a few days yet, but at least we know he'll be here soon. 

Can you imagine how sad that would be, you hear that you are going to be called up in the next few days and then you take a pitch off the hand? You have to feel for the guy. He's going to have to work hard to get into the Rookie of the Year race. But no pressure. Actually, he is in a good spot, there isn't much pressure on him. There is almost no way he can be worse than what we have had at third base. And even if he found a way to be worse, at least he would be terrible with potential to get better, unlike what we have now, terrible with no potential to improve. 

Speaking of Rookie of the Year, with the grand slam off Zach Arrieta Britton, does J.P. move past him on the RoY leader board? Now he just has to hit a couple off Michael Pineda.

Anyway some quick bits:

  • Did you see Jo-Jo Reyes' piece in the Star? 'Sports are supposed to be fun', Jo-Jo's 5 lessons for Success. I wish something told my son's coaches that ball is supposed to be fun. They played today, in a heavy mist at 4 degrees. Fun was not to be found anywhere. Kids weren't having fun and that is supposed to be why they are playing. All it did was set up a bunch of kids to be sick and get a few hit by pitches, since the ball was slipping out of hands. 
  • The Jays released Chris Malone, the player they got from the Rockies for Brad Emaus, after 8 innings of relief work for Dunedin. Malone is 27 and walked 10 guys in the 8 innings, with 7 strikeouts. 
  • Bob Elliot rides with Blue Jay scout Mike Medici.
  • I have a longer post on the subject of which minor leaguers could move up a level coming, but anyone think that we could move Nestor Molina up a level? In 52.1 innings at Dunedin he has struck out 62 and walked just 5. His ERA is 2.75. Maybe he could try out tougher competition? 
  • I was going to say the same thing about Frank Gailey but he got moved up to New Hampshire last week, after a 1.03 ERA, 23 k, 6 walks in 26.1 innings. Glad to see they promoted him. 
  • If you missed seeing this, Jordan Schafer bunted a ball off his own face. Poor guy.

Have a great Saturday, I'm off for a drive in the new vehicle, taking it on the highway for the first time and will miss tonight's game. But I have XM radio now so can listen in.