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MLB Draft 2011 Discussion Thread

Waiting for the Jays to be "on the clock".  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Waiting for the Jays to be "on the clock". (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Some experts are saying the Jays are looking for a college bat, others say they'll go for a high school pitcher. Heavily linked players include Levi Michael, college shortstop, Andrew Chafin, a college left-hander who's coming off Tommy John and Daniel Norris, a high school left-handed pitcher. Others include Mikie Mahtook, Kolten Wong, Taylor Guerrieri and Josh Bell. All of those players have their downsides. Mahtook might not stick in center field and might strike out too much, Levi Michael might not stick at shortstop and might not hit for power. Wong isn't a sure bet to stick at second or hit for power, Guerrieri has great stuff but also makeup concerns because he's been kicked out of 2 high schools. Chafin's health is a major question and Norris and Bell will be very expensive.

Then there's that tiny issue of the Jays not knowing who will be available, as 20 players will be selected before the Jays get to choose their favorite. Whoever they will select first, though, the Jays will have a lot more picks this draft. So if you do not like the first pick, remember that every selection has a lot of bust potential and in the end the most valuable player to the Jays might not even be selected in the first three rounds. Of course, I'm saying this because most Jays fans don't seem to like Levi Michael, the current favorite to be picked at number 21 by the Jays. I'd like to point out a quote by Dave Cameron of Fangraphs:

Good college bats are, by far, the safest bet in any Major League draft.

This could be why AA and scouting director Andrew Tinnish are looking for a college bat, as they have plenty of picks to select high schoolers with a lot of potential with. Whoever they pick, I'm sure their improved scouting team has watched that player a lot and are confident in the player's abilities.

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