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2011 MLB Draft: Day One Recap

Day one was a bit slow, with all the time between picks allowing the talking heads to talk more. Today will be faster. I think it is a 1 minute wait between picks They start up again at noon Eastern time.

Our Blue Jays had 5 picks last night:

1 21 RHP Tyler Beede Lawrence Academy, MA 6-4 190 R/R: A big guy, can already hit 94 with his fastball and has a good curve and change already. His dad was drafted by the Cubs in 1981 but didn't make the majors. Tyler has a commitment to Vanderbilt, so he'll cost a few bucks to sign, but I doubt the Jays would have grabbed him if they didn't think he could be signed. They say all the right things about him, mature beyond his years, mixes his pitches and is able to hit his spots.

1a 35 OF Jacob Anderson Chino High School, CA 6-4 190 R/R: Another big guy. Played outfield, first and third in high school. Looks like he could be a good corner outfielder. Good range, runs well. Line drive hitter at the moment, but with the size and good bat, he'll likely add more power as he moves up.

1a 46 RHP Joseph Musgrove Grossmont High School, CA 6-5 230 R/R: Yet another big guy, are we drafting for basketball? Throws 90+, has a sinker and a curve. Again might cost a few dollars.

1a 53 OF Dwight Smith Jr McIntosh High School, GA 5-11 180 L/R: Son of former major leaguer Dwight Smith. They figure our Dwight Smith to become a better hitter. Decent corner outfield defense. Good patience at the plate. Lots of baseball knowledge, could move up fast.

1a 57 OF Kevin Comer Seneca High School, NJ 6-4 200 R/R: Goign back to the big men, throws low 90's now, likely will improve on that. Good curve and working on a changeup. Another one with a commitment to Vanderbilt.

I won't claim to know much about players I haven't seen, but it looks like there is strong potential in all of these choices. Today ought to be interesting too, there were a number of names that were thought to be first rounders that weren't picked yesterday.

All the Jays picks are high schoolers and all will likely ask for 'above slot money. All of them seem athletic. I don't think I'd want to play pickup basketball against these guys.