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Bluebird Links - Draft Day Hangover

There seems to be a bit of a hangover around the blogosphere today after day 2 of the draft, so just a quick link post for today - how is everyone feeling about the draft?  Think we'll be able to sign a significant portion of the 'hard-to-sign' picks?  Not really a lot of Jays links today, but lots of draft talk from around the league.

Jays Links

Escobar exits with tight quad injury
Hopefully it's nothing serious!

Jays go big on young arms under innovative draft strategy
It sounds like Griffin liked the Jays draft approach, and that he thinks they'll sign a lot of these hard to sign players.

Roster Smash Up Derby! Who Will Survive?
The Tao of Stieb wonders how the roster will shake out between now and the end of the season.

Around the League

Washington Nationals Add Another Huge Talent

The Nationals have collected a trio of awesome talents. Which is all you can do, really. The rest is up to them, and the Fates.

Rob Neyer is a fan of the core that Washington is building, and really, who isn't? Zimmerman, Harper, Strasburg, and now Anthony Rendon could be the basis of a fantastic team a few years down the road.

Day One Steals And Surprises
One Blue Jay day one pick makes the 'sleepers' category.

Justin Upton, Ryan Braun make 2005 best MLB draft class ever
Tom Verducci summarizes the top 6 drafts since the start of the amateur draft in 1965.

It’s Warmer; Now Where’s The Offense?
Hitting is still down, the league average weighted On Base Average (wOBA) is at the lowest mark since 1989. Is this an aberration, or a sign of things to come?

A Proposal to Fix the Super Two Issue
We have all heard about the Super Two issue this year, with the imminent Brett Lawrie call-up, and Dave Cameron has a proposal to fix that issue.

Who took Willie Mays’ Picture?
Mike Cardano tries to track down who took an alternate photo of the famous Willie Mays catch, from behind the centerfield wall. Thanks to Parkes for this one.

The Way Of Baseball
Shawn Green wrote a book, and the 500 Level Fan reviews it.

New York Mets owe it to David Wright to trade him, even if third baseman is reluctant to depart
The title says it all