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Your Bad News for Today: Brett Lawrie

Shi Davidi Twittered this:

Fracture found in Larwies hand.

Not good news. He'll be out for 2 to 3 weeks at best. 

Non-displaced, he won't need a cast.

More from Gregor Chisholm:

#BlueJays Lawrie has been sent to Florida to maintain conditioning. Estimated time frame for his return to Las Vegas is three weeks.

Ok there is more:

Since Al_sportsjunkie mentioned it:

Yunel Escobar is day-to-day with the quad tightness. And J.P. Arencibia is sitting today with a thumb bruise, though he said this was a scheduled day off. 

There is good news too:

A Jesse Litsch tweet:

Bullpen went real well yesterday felt good today the day after if all stays well I will have sim game Monday and then start my rehab games.

It shouldn't be too long until he's ready to rejoin the Jays. And John McDonald will be back soon too.