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Which Blue Jay Reliever Would You Trade For?

The most likely to be traded people on our team are likely our right-handed relievers. I thought I'd ask, if you were a GM of another major league team, which of these pitchers would you most want to get in a trade? I don't know that any of them have much trade value, there are a lot of relievers available for trade.

I'm going to skip Casey Janssen, because I don't think the Jays would want to trade him.

Frank Francisco: He's got a 1 year, $4 million contract. He (understatement alert) hasn't been good this year. I don't know why. He has a 5.40 ERA, in 31 games, 10 saves, about 200 blown saves. A WHIP of 1.725 but 10.1 SO/9. He's been good in the past, I don't know why he isn't good now or why he wouldn't be good in the future.

Jason Frasor: Has a $3.5 million contract for this year and a team option for next year at the same price. 3.23 ERA. 1.231 WHIP. 7.8 SO/9. A favorite of mine, I'd hate to lose him.

Jon Rauch: $3.75 million this year, club option for $3.75 next year. 4.23 ERA, 7 saves. 1.304 WHIP. 6.1 SO/9. Scariest looking guy I've ever seen on the mound.

Octavio Dotel: $2.75 million this year, $3.5 million club option next year. 3.38 ERA. 1.125 WHIP. 9.8 SO/9. Early season fan whipping boy. He's been great the last while.

Shawn Camp: $2.25 million this year. 4.20 ERA. 1.377 WHIP. 4.2 SO/9. He's not been as good this year as the past couple.