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Tuesday Bantering

Notes on a long game:

  • I was sure Brett Cecil was going to be pulled in the second inning. Good thing he wasn't, as it all turned out, but I'm wondering if the reason he wasn't was that we don't have a long man in the pen anymore? Without Perez, we are short that guy that will give you 3 or 4 innings in a game the starter has left early. 
  • What ever John Farrell said to Brett, after the second inning, he should say to him at the start of every game. How often do you see a pitcher look so lost one inning turn things around and look so good for 5 more innings?
  • If you were a Mariner fan, how mad would you be at Mike Carp? In the 11th inning he leads things off with a double, then gets picked off by JP.
  • I was less pissed off by Corey Patterson getting picked off by the pitcher, I'm not really sure why. I guess a different spot in the game. I thought Corey was testing to see how big a lead he could get, not quite that big.
  • I liked Travis Snider in CF, but it was just one game. Throwing Brendan Ryan out at second, to lead off the 7th inning, was a big play, as things turned out. A Travis quote from Richard Griffin's game story:

"If you would have told me I'd be playing centre field in the major leagues three or four years ago when everybody thought I was going to be a DH, it probably wouldn't have crossed my mind at that time," Snider said.

    It is good to see the Jays aren't just relaying on preconceived notions.  
  • Great to see Casey Janssen back.
  • Even better to see Jose Bautista back, our lineup looks so much better with him in there. Course any team's lineup would look better with him. 
  • It was nice seeing Roberto Alomar and Cito at at the game. Kind of funny that Roberto was at the game but watching it on a TV in the private box.
  • I'm of two minds on Roberto's number being retired. When he was here, he was great, but only for 5 years (and the 5th one wasn't all that good, he didn't want to be here anymore). Dave Stieb, on the other hand, was great for a longer period of time. 
  • As much fun as that was, let's not go 14 innings tonight. Please. Anyone get to the point that they would have been happy if the Mariners won, just to get it over with?