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Travis Snider drives in 5 as Jays beat on the Mariners 11-6

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It was 10-2 going into the 7th inning so you had to figure it was all but over but our relievers let the Mariners have a bit of life in the later innings as the Mariners were able to cut the defecit in half. Still it wasn't enough in the end as the Jays bats won out on the night. 

Leading the charge for the powered up Jays was Travis Snider who finished on the night 2-4 with a HR and 5 RBI! Not to be out done favourite whipping boy Edwin Encarnacion was 3-5 with 4 Runs scored and a HR along with two stolen bases, Adam Lind was 2-4 with a HR and 2 Rs scored, Jose Bautista was 1-3 with 2BB, heck even Rajai Davis has a decent night going 2-4. Everyone in the lineup had at least one hit with the exception of Yunel Escobar and Aaron Hill who both still had a walk. Escobar did drive in one on a Sac bases loaded walk and Hill scored as well. Really it was just a great day all around for our lineup.

Our pitching was fairly strong throughout. Brandon Morrow came in and gave 7 strong innings striking out 7 while walking 3, he gave up 7 hits and 3ER and was helped out by some good defense behind you, but really when your offense gives you this much to work with you can get away with just throwing the fastball and making the other team put it in play.

With the score the way it was it was time for Farrell to give some playing time to Frank Francisco and Octavio Dotel in order to get their confidence back up. Well that didnt really go as planned. They both pitched an inning, for Francisco in the 8th he gave up 2Hits including a HR sandwiched around 2Ks. Dotel gave up 2 hits in his 9th inning including a HR. Our relief corp managed to combine for 3ER in 2 innings while our starter went 7 giving up the same amount. Great job guys.

Because of the Score being out there fairly early, not too many earned the JotD numbers. They include Brandon Morrow (.110), Edwin Encarnacion (.122), Travis Snider (.097) . Eric Thames was next closest at 0.89, there were no suckage numbers for the Jays, Rajai came the closest at -0.33

Tomorrow is an afternoon start at the Rogers Center and the Dome will be closed and the Air conditioning cranked. For those planning trips out please be prepared as the heat is going to be nuts. With the humidex most of Southern Ontario is looking at temps that are going to feel like high 40's. Once I get to work in the morning I may not come home out of fear of leaving the building.