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Rajai Davis plays hero - Jays sweep Mariners with a 7-5 win

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As I mentioned on the game thread post I unfortunately was stuck at work so I didn't get to see the game, I did however get to listen to most of it via my Gameday Audio package. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when Janssen gave up that home run, It wasn't too long ago that Perez did the same thing but in a much worse spot. Got to feel for Casey Janssen on that play, ONE OF HIS first games back and the action he sees is bases loaded, tough spot.

The offsense scraped together 7 runs today which in the end was enough to sweep the Mariners. While the Jays didn't hit a home run, they were plently of hard hit balls (at least thats what Alan and Jerry would have me believe). The biggest difference this game was surprisingly Davis who pinch ran for Eric Thames in the 7th. He was able to steal 2nd when he came into the game which promptly got Adam Lind walked. This was the 29th steal on the year for Davis which puts him second in the AL, if only he could get on base with more consistency we would really have something special going. In the eight inning the Jays had two runners on with 2 out with Davis on the plate and he knocked them both in with a clutch double. Jose Bautista had a couple of hard hit balls and finished 1-3 w/ 2RBI and an IBB. Mike McCoy went 2-4 with 2R and RBI. Yunel Escobar, Eric Thames and Corey Patterson each had a hit each with Escobar and Thames also walking.

Ricky Romero was better then his line would indicate. He was cruising, and in the 7th struck out the side, then he ran into a bit of a trouble in the 8th, after getting a ground out he gave up two infield singles to Ichiro and Brandan Ryan, he followed that up with a walk before John Farrell came out to get him. Janssen comes in to see his first MLB action in awhile and unfortunately it did not go well. Miguel Olivo hit a grand slam which at that point tied the game. Janssen then proceeded to give up consecutive singles before getting pulled for Jon Rauch. All in all Casey faced 3 batters in his return and had 3H 1HR 1ER while attributing 3ER extra onto Romero. Not a great return night, hopefully he gets a chance to bounce back soon. When Jon Rauch came in he shut things down going the rest of the way for a 1.2 IP  while only giving up 1H and getting 2Ks. Jon Rauch gets rewarded with the win for his work at the end of the game.

A nice way to win although it would have been nice to be able to hold the lead for Romero. He doesn't quite have Doug Fister's luck when it comes to Wins and Losses but with his stats he definately should be better then 7-9.

Jays of the Day: Ricky Romero (.232) Jon Rauch (.257) Rajai Davis (.345) Mike McCoy (.261) Jose Bautista (.122) Eric Thames (.108)

Suckage Jays: Well Casey Janssen of course with a whopping (-.448) and after his last good game Travis Snider also earns the dishonour with a (-.111)

The Jays are back on the road and will hit Texas tomorrow night at 8 Eastern. Let's hope they don't melt in the heat.